Introducing our Denver Steak

We’ve been intending to put this style of steak on the specials for a little while now. It really is one of our favourite ways to cook steak.

The Denver cut comes from the lower part of the blade joint from the shoulder of the cow.

Cow Cuts Denver sm


Normally when we cook a steak we butcher the piece of meat into steaks first, then grill them from raw to the desired level. However, with this we wanted to try something a bit different. We take the prepared joint whole (around the 2 minute mark of the video) and smoke it for several hours until rare. This starts the process of breaking down the fats and proteins in the piece of meat, and infusing it with a lovely subtle smokey flavour. Once cooked to rare, the piece is then cut into steaks and rested.

When serving, the rested steak is rapidly chargrilled to create all those beautiful Maillard reactions that give a beautiful brown crusty finish, while maintaining the lovely tender texture and flavour within. (We’ll post more on the magic of Maillard at some point soon.) The result is a truly great tasting steak, and well worth the effort from the chefs. It’s on our specials board tonight and will also be available for lunch and dinner on Mothers’ Day.

Denver steak