“Everyone in Minnesota is Scandinavian”

At Firebrand Bar & Restaurant we use quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, to serve up our take on American food right here in Cornwall. Alongside our regular menu you’ll always find interesting choices on our specials board which reflect our chefs’ latest creations. They’re all fans of American food and spend lots of time reading about new and exciting dishes and cooking methods so they can bring the best back to Firebrand.

One of our fastest-selling specials so far has been the Scandinavian Burger. Those quick off the mark may have noted that Scandinavia has yet to declare allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, but many people of Norwegian and Swedish heritage have made America their home, particularly around Minnesota and the Great Lakes. Those regions’ cuisines are therefore influenced by Northern Europe – with particularly tasty results.

Our Scandinavian Burger mixes beef mince with an equal amount of pork mince, both from Launceston butcher Philip Warren. Buttermilk keeps the burger moist and caraway seeds give the slight aniseed flavour you often find in Scandinavian dishes. It’s not a Firebrand burger without some fixings, so we load the Baker Tom bun with a specially-created red slaw made with beetroot, red cabbage and shallots, using a vinegar rather than mayonnaise base. Monterey Jack cheese, pickles and dill mayo round it off.

Scandinavian burger (made from a mix of beef and pork, seasoned with caraway seeds) with winter red slaw, dill mayonnaise, mild cheddar and chips
If you missed out the first time round, don’t worry. Given the burger’s popularity it’s likely to be back on the specials board some time soon. In the meantime, we’ll carry on developing it – trying out new cheeses and buns in order to make it even better. We’re always keen to hear your ideas for new specials, so if you have a craving for a particular American dish then please let us know.

And just so you’re not left with the wrong idea about Minnesota…