Celebrate Pancake Day at Firebrand

Pancake Day

We couldn’t let Shrove Tuesday pass us by without taking the opportunity to experiment with some nice big stacks of American pancakes. They’re rather different to the frying-pan sized version we’re used to in the UK, being much smaller but also thicker and fluffier.

They’re often eaten for breakfast in the States but as we’re open in the evenings we’ve opted for three classic dessert toppings: Blueberries and maple syrup with vanilla ice cream; banana and peanut butter with chocolate ice cream; and salted caramel and popcorn with honeycomb ice cream. The latter comes highly recommended with a chaser of Buffalo Trace!

Pop in with a couple of mates, order up three stacks and try them all. We’re open from 5pm and serve food until 10pm so there’s plenty of time to get your fix. And if you enjoy them you can always take the opportunity to learn how to make them at the Launceston Family Food Fun Day.