Play chess and backgammon at Firebrand

Chess and backgammon

Lanson Gammon and Launceston Castles are both launching this month so we’re very pleased to give them a home at Firebrand Bar & Restaurant. You’ll be able to play chess here every Wednesday from 7-9pm starting on April 15, and backgammon fortnightly on Thursdays from 7.30-9.30pm starting on April 16. The groups are being set up by serious players but they’ve been keen to stress that all abilities and ages are welcome. If you’re a complete beginner who can’t even name the pieces we hope you’ll still come along and enjoy yourself.

The Firebrand Brewing Co guys have been taking advantage of the sunshine to get a few practice games in on their lunch breaks. Challengers welcome!

Backgammon at Firebrand Brewing Co Walter and John polaroid